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"abstract portrait" ONLINE GALLERY

Let's play a game!
This project follows from my previous work "What type of abstract are you?"
Have you ever wondered what form you could be instead of human body?

I want to show that we are not only the body or mind.
We are many other different things that we can not see in the physical world.
I can draw a form for you
- send me your portrait with eyes opened (vertical format)
- thank me with 5000 rubles
- wait for the form to come back
After I have sent you the form, I give some feedback about what is the meaning of this form. And also I ask you to see what feelings this form raises inside you. I always draw the first that comes to my head. I trust my intuition. This all looks like an art therapy where you can analyze your feelings.

NOW you are able to get with your form your own personal sound
Have you ever wondered how do you sound?
made by my friend musician Sasha Vinogradova
follow our FORMandSOUND instagram.

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