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"What type of abstract are you?"


Extrapool (Nejmegen)

An installation

A performance

A zine

I am interested in the thing that sometimes people find it hard to understand an abstract art.

They find it hard to create an abstract shape, shape that doesn’t exist anywhere. And they find it

hard to feel themselves as an other different object rather to being a human. I always ask the viewer to feel my works with their intuition and their hearts, not with the brain. I see my mission as

an abstract artist to bring abstract closer to people, to make it easier for them. I wish people would open their spiritual and intuitive sides of the body.

The book is about different shapes and colors for different types of people. It is like a manual.

Each form has its meaning of human character, his energy or physical appearance.

Performance was kind of a funny spiritual session. I got the connection with people without words

and then i started to make them abstract with the use of my cutted out shapes from the book.

It was important for me to show each person that he is unique, that he deserves attention and love. It was important for me to turn a person’s eye to himself in order to feel himself and concentrate on himself for at least 15 minutes.

This project was made during the residency at Extrapool.

It was shown twice: at the Extrapool and in "Not for profit art party" in Rotterdam during the Art Rotterdam.

The book was printed at the Knust Press.

"Not for profit art party" in Rotterdam.

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