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"Transparent air hugs me"
group show "Ground zine fest. Expansion", Ground Solyanka Gallery (Moscow)
An installation
A performance
A zine

Made in collaboration with performer German Stroganov.

"I share tenderness with you.
I envelop.
I am always with you.
I am with you.
I am inside and outside.
I hug you like an atom."

For this installation i have created a series of objects for non-verbal communication, mini sculptures. 
This work is about feeling yourself. Living the experience of being in the body, in the sensations of the surface of the skin, in the feelings raising in the heart. Do I remember about my body, do I feel it when i am in my everyday routine? What is inside of me? What is the space around me? Do i open or do I close? I  create a safe environment for existence by myself. I live as I like. I love myself and take care of myself.

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