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Limited edition clothing collection for toddlers by Garage museum xTony Tots x Mashasomik.


The first joint collection by Garage and Tony Tots will feature slips, bodysuits, kimono bodysuits, trousers, and pyjamas with a print by artist Masha Somik.

The print is based on a pattern inspired by one of the Museum’s symbols, the emerald tiles in the Shop and the Café, which Masha has turned into an environment for her characters to inhabit. She often uses similar grids in her work.

“Masha Somik’s print unites everyone involved in the making of the collection. It has colorful, recognizable elements from her own works, the outline the Garage tiles, and the phrase “I hug you,” which reinterprets Tony Tots’ slogan “More time for hugs.” It’s a pleasure to produce such collections and offer a new approach to the design of kids’ clothing,” says Anastasia Laptiy, the co-founder and CEO of Tony Tots.

“Masha’s works are unique and memorable; they have character, are honest and easy to understand. The pattern she has designed fits babies’ and toddlers’ clothing perfectly and offers a great alternative to what you can find on the market today. The decision to use the saturated green hue was not an easy one, but we were determined to celebrate this recognizable architectural element of our museum and the result is a bold and unique design. This is what contemporary art drops should be like,” says Katya Istratova, Head of Garage Merchandising.


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