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«The red corner»


artist studio (Moscow)

Over the past year, I have been discovering the red color for myself in a new way. In the last times i felt that it was always too bright, warning, defiant, harsh color.
But lately, in many of my meditations and practices, this color began to appear in my field - firstly just on the background and after it appeared more - i saw in meditations that I am wearing red clothes or that I control the energy of red color, it flows through me.
The first important realization is that the red is about life, about its very essence. When you want to live, when you enjoy this life and crave it every day. It is absolutely the color of vital energy. Powerful.
Red power, the en
ergy of life.

The red heart is the heart of a sincere person, open to life, to any of its manifestations. This is the heart of a beautiful person, a person who burns and loves and wants to love.
This heart has so much love that everything around it turns red. Red to the limit.

This red is no longer harsh, it's just confident, precise, direct and enveloping.

Red is a very bright color.
When you become "red", you are not afraid of being too prominent, too bright. You are just being yourself, showing your value to the world. And this feeling shines brightly.

This red  feeling is very attractive.

People in love are marked in red.
In love for yourself, for the world, for life.

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