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On a summer 2017 together with Sasha we worked in one magical place, in the kids camp. There was a very tender atmosphere, which favored creativity and we lit up with the idea of ​​collaboration. I really wanted to make a beautiful video with some crazy dancing. In the camp were lots of self-made musical instruments and Sasha made improvisation with them. Of course, we  wanted to make a video in the camp, but there was almost no time for anything, and the realisations of video ideas were moved to Moscow.

The video itself as a musical composition is a pure abstraction for me. It bears nothing in itself and at the same time speaks about everything - it is very difficult to try to describe such things with words. In my opinion, art appears just when you run out of words. I give every viewer the opportunity to get his own reaction in this work. Personally now i am worried witht the theme of tenderness and aggression, the theme of self-love, and of course, the theme of a woman and, above all, the theme of a man - how important it is to appreciate each other, to be sensitive, open and human.

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