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"What about sailing by the imagination?"


painted plywood

Interactive installation that i did for the kids festival Archstoianie that takes place in the art park Nikola-Lenivets.

A children playground that was made as a kind of imaginery raft, where children can play and draw whatever they wish.

Very often, parents / teachers / adults in creativity and in everyday life do not give children the opportunity for the full expression, the opportunity to be CHILDREN. There are rules, frames, examples of "how to do", something is even prohibited. I want this raft to be a real kids place. There you can be a child and do your usual very important affairs. What is it? A game, a fiction, a tomfoolery. All the important things that adults often consider fooly. Here you can hide from the rules of the adult world and set your happy chaos. Here you can be fooly. 

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