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Posters for the instagram project
made in collaboration with graphic designer Roman Belyakov

"For the whole month I have been talking about the difficulties we face in working on design. It can be difficult. Therefore, in the end, it is difficult to dispel it, and to make it easier. I invited Masha Somik  to help with this, because all her work is about love, care and tenderness about oneself.

This work is not about me - it is about all of us, as a reminder that there is always light, joy and hope. You can re-read these inscriptions time to time and it will be good.

And here are the recommendations from slide 10:
1. Write down a list of reasons why you are doing this particular job/duty/work
2. Write down a list of all your skills and abilities, from the simplest (for example, "I can do 5 push-ups") to the most difficult.
3. Focus on cool and positive moments that are already in your life every day
("I was given a compliment", "I had a delicious tea in the morning," etc.)
4. In the evening before going to bed, you can do the practice of gratitude.
Thank yourself and the Universe for everything cool that happened during the day. This is how you train your brain to focus on the good moments. And so you attract more of these moments into your life".

design: @mashasomik, @ rmn.indd
special thanks to @darinaleeee

fonts: Lurk (@cstmfonts), Giorgio Sans (@commercialtype @ilyaruderman), Styrene A (@commercialtype @ilyaruderman), Spectral (@productiontype @ilyaruderman), Cera Round (@typemates @ilyaruderman @ostype), Vesterbro (@blackfoundry) , First Prize Collection (@valery_typoholic), Stratos (@productiontype @cstmfonts)


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