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«MIR (peace/the world)»


artist studio (Moscow)

an installation, a performance

“You will always see that darkness and light are side by side within you: if you have any ability, then the negation of this ability is also in you. And if you discover in yourself a dense and deeply penetrating shadow, then you can be sure that somewhere in you there is also a great light. You are given the opportunity to use the first in order to realize the second."

Mother (Mirra Alfassa)

I see this world.

I accept this world.

I feel safe.

I trust myself.

I trust my heart.

I trust the world.

I trust the Almighty.

I have support.

It is inside me.

I know that everything is already good.

Everything that happens to me is for the good.

a story

A couple of years ago, when the pandemic began, I fell into an anxious state and lost my foothold. At that moment, we talked a lot with a psychologist on this topic. On the topic of the fact that it is pointless to look for support in the outside world, that support is always inside. A little later, I drew sketches for the works “Everything is fine”, “Everything is already fine”, “You are safe”. They were drawn for an open call for one exhibition, but in the end the work was not accepted. And I successfully abandoned their implementation. After a while, I felt the impulse to start doing these works. And a little later, the idea came to make an exhibition in my own studio. In winter I planned that the exhibition would be at the end of March. Of course, I could not even think that such world events that are happening now could begin. Quite by accident, I planned something that is very relevant for the current time.

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