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"I hear you"
Moscow Theatre of Nations

10 singers
3 musicians
15 performers
130 viewers

Performance was made in collaboration with the musician and singer Sasha Vinogradova and performer and dancer Asya Ashman.
The work was created at the intersection of music,  dance and performative practices.
This is a story about a great journey into yourself, into your body, where musicians and dancers become conductors combining sound and movement, light and space.
We feel the estrangement of people from each other. What is the most important thing for you in society? What are you missing? Asking these questions, we worked on our performance. It is permeated with attention, care and love for every person.
Our performance is about non-verbal contact, which is created with care, gradually growing to become great energy and warmth. It is about the feeling of oneself, about choice, about freedom, and about staying in the present moment.

What is going in this world? What is the most important thing for me in this world? Nature, people, love, the sun. We live in  a big city, there are so many of us, everyday we see thousands of eyes. Are we one big society and a tribe? Or are we all living alone, surviving? Man is a social being. Now i feel how important is for me to be a part of society, how important it is for me to have real contact with people. I want more attention, care, respect, warmth, support. I want an environmentally friendly attitude. How to create a safe space for communication? Non-judgmental, supportive society. With this performance i wish to show that we are all the one, we can be support to ourselves.

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