group show, gasworks gallery (London)
60x60x60 cm
36 wooden painted bars

On Christmas holidays i went back home to Moscow, i was so happy to feel the real winter, to see snow and frozen trees everywhere. I was inspired with the nature and i wanted to show my love to russian winter.
Walking around the forest, you can see me hiding in the trees. Also there is 1 bear hiding with me. Have you seen him? In spite of this bear the girl in a red dress feels safe, it`s a very special place for her, it is her home.
Installation is geometrically squared and has a picture frame size, such little private forest, that no one can enter. No one can interrupt girls “hide and seek” game in the forest. The viewer can only have a look what is going on there, like reading a story. 
I wanted an element of vagueness and mystery to be in my figure, that would move people to go around and search for smth. The girl has no face, her emotions.