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I am so happy, I adore being an artist.


I am a multidisciplinary abstract artist. I work with installation, sculpture, performance, painting, drawing, collage.

My main concept is that there is no concept. I am against conceptualism and words. I am for the visual component and

impressions, for the material, shape, color and feeling. I would like every viewer to have their own personal experience of

communicating with my works, not burdened with large texts. For me, art is about living / experiencing, exploring oneself,

expanding oneself, leaving the comfort zone. For me, there is always something tense, complex in concepts. It's more

interesting for me to talk about relaxation. I want my art to give joy, and people could look at it with their hearts, not their minds.

The main topic that I work with is love in a global sense, the relationship between people and the attitude of people to

themselves. How to support and take care of each other, be attentive, empathetic, open and humane? How important is it to love yourself? How to be happy and feel real life? How to be free?

Very often, as an anti-conceptualist, I work completely without a topic. I go from a form or from a subject that I like. It could be a branch, or it could be a glove, or a cut-out form from paper. I am attracted to different things, I buy them or just find them. I like to work starting from material, I select different details for it, for me this is a kind of meditation.

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2004-2010 interior design at Moscow state University of Industrial and Applied Arts
2010-2011 MA Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts (UAL, London)

(Personal shows)
22.09.23 - 22.10.23 «The red corner»
artist studio (Moscow) 
31.02.23 - 26.04.23 «Sun salutation» 
Kaolin space (Moscow) 
3.02.23 - 5.02.23 «The sea»
artist studio (Moscow) 

28.12.22 - 29.01.23 «This is very beautiful»
Ground Solyanka gallery (Moscow) 
curator: Katya Bochavar

26.11.22 - 11.12.22 «Abstract people»
Kooperativa Cherniy (Moscow) 
20.09.22 «Hi, my dear»
artist studio (Moscow) 

9.07.22 - 10.07.22 «Today is the best day»
Art Space Hopping
artist studio (Moscow) 

2.04.22 - 3.04.22 «MIR»
artist studio (Moscow)
19.03.22 - 20.03.22 «What is the color of love?» performance
artist studio (Moscow)
24.01.20 - 26.01.20 «What type of abstract are you?»
Extrapool (Nejmegen, Nederlands)
17.10.2019 «I hear you» performance
Cultural Centre DOM (Moscow)
25.04.2019 «I hear you» performance
Moscow Theatre of Nations (Moscow)
17.03.18 - 17.04.18 «Burst in blossom»
Museum of Moscow, Vlakhernskoe-Kuzminki manor (Moscow)
20.08.18 «Tenderness»
abandoned house (Vladimir)

26.12.11 - 08.01.12 «The wooden blocks»
CUeB gallery (London)
curator: Franco La Russa
(Group shows)
28.09.23 - 01.10.23 Cosmoscow
27.09.23 - 20.10.23 «Exploring beauty»
Postrigay Gallery, CUBE Moscow (Moscow)
curator: Maria Panek
09.06.23 - 20.08.23 «An artist and text»
curator: Alina Koren
20.04.23 - 20.05.23 «The soil is slipping from under your feet»
Hlebniy house (Moscow)

curator: Geolina Morgulis
17.03.23 - 14.04.23 «Memento Amoris»
One's mind gallery (Saint-Petersburg)
curator: Ksenia Chemezova
22.10.22 - 10.01.23 «The pink exhibition»
Russian State Youth Library (Moscow)
curators: Anastasia Secunda, Pavel Shalnev
22.10.22 - 10.01.23 «Snow Leopard. See and preserve»
Tretyakov gallery (Moscow)
curators: Tatyana Getman, Igor Volkov

9.09.22 - 9.10.22 «Between the lines. Textual in visual»
Triumph gallery (Moscow)
curator: Polina Mogilina

19.07.21 - 1.08.21 «Safe as milk»
Arusha gallery (London)
curator: Anna Choutova
9.09 - 13.09.20
Basmany dvor (Moscow)
9.09.20 - 13.09.20 «Blazar art»
Moscow Museum (Moscow)
17.09.20 - 28.10.20 «Art inclusion»
Museum of the History of the Vyksa Metallurgical factory (Vyksa)
curators: Larisa Grinberg, Nadezhda Gura
3.07.20 - 23.08.20 «Mastering Spaces»
Khodynka Gallery (Moscow)
curators: Arseny Steiner, Elena Kovylina
6.02.20 - 9.02.20 «What type of abstract are you?»
Not for profit art party, Rotterdam art Week (Rotterdam, Nederlands)
12.10.19 - 30.10.19 «Ground Zin Fest. Expansion»
Gallery Ground Solyanka (Moscow)
curators: Katya Bochavar, Katya Savina
8.08.19 - 14.08.19 «The rooms»
private apartment (Moscow)
28.06.19 - 30.06.19 «What about sailing by the imagination?»
Children's festival Archstoyanie (Nikola-Lenivets)
curator: Julia Bychkova
31.01.2019 «Come and get your spiritual session» performance
Artplay (Moscow)
22.12.17 «The garden»
private studio (Moscow)
03.09.16 «It is cool now»
basketball playground (Moscow)
03.02.11 «MA Fine Art group show»
Gasworks gallery (London)
21.01.11 « MA Fine Art group show»
The Woodmill project (London)
10.01.20-10.02.20 Extrapool (Nejmegen, Nederlands)

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