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«Between the lines. Visual in textual»


Triumph gallery (Moscow)

Curator: Polina Mogilina

“Between the lines. Textual in visual” exhibition showcases the textuality phenomenon in contemporary Russian art. The project brings together artworks by 25 artists who employ text as an essential component of their pieces or as a key element of their artistic language. The presented works feature text conveyed through various visual media: from painting to street action, from installation to embroidery. Some pieces build on the conceptual content of the text, in others its plastic form is equally important. It is the text that determines the format of communication with the viewer: be it a stand alone artistic statement or inseparably fused with the visual component as components of a chemical compound, be it the whole narrative or just a part of it.


The exhibition at the Triumph Gallery pursues this reflection on the text-centricity inherent to Russian art, giving it, however, the perspective of the new generation of artists working in the field of actual art. The pieces from the preceding projects tended to use text as a slogan or a call to action, whereas the artworks displayed at this exhibition rather resemble confessions from a diary. Today text in art has become much more intimate and personalized. We use it trying to penetrate the personal space, where feelings, traumas, doubts, fears, joys - the whole range of what we call emotional, sensual, and frank can be perceived. This does not mean that these pieces are taken out of the historical and sociocultural context. Conversely, they are the product of their time, presenting a reflection on the actual moment, being at the same time indissolubly linked to the personality of the artist and conveyed in that sincere language, which reaches directly to your heart.


Participants: Vladimir Abikh, Liza Bobkova, Pasha Bumazhny, Ivan Volkov, Alina Glazoun, Alexander Dashevskiy, Maxim Ima, Kirill Kto, Kirill Manchunsky, Asya Marakulina, Vadim Mikhailov, Semyon Motolyanets, Mayana Nasybullova, Pavel Otdelnov, Tanya Pioniker, Uliana Podkorytova, Slava Ptrk, Timofey Radya, Igor Samolet, Masha Somik, Andrey Syailev, Natalya Timofeeva, Anna Titova, Lada Uchaeva, Valery Chtak

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